About Us

Aluminum processing --- Guangdong Provincial Non-Ferrous Metals Society Aluminum Processing Committee (ALPC) was founded on November 13, 2010, and is the branch of Guangdong Provincial Non-Ferrous Metals Society.

Office building Office building
Conference room Conference room


  • Lu Ji Yan

    Lu Ji Yan

    Title:Professor Level Senior Engineer

    Major:Rare Earth Metallurgy Consult
  • Su Tian Jie

    Su Tian Jie


    Major:Metal material engineering Consult
  • Wang Ji Gang

    Wang Ji Gang

    Title:Senior Engineer

    Major:Environmental Engineering Consult
  • Xiong Ying Ming

    Xiong Ying Ming

    Title:Doctor, Senior engineer

    Major:Mechanics of materials Consult
  • Liu Zhi Ming

    Liu Zhi Ming


    Major:Mechanical manufacture Consult
  • Pan Xue Zhu

    Pan Xue Zhu

    Title:Senior Engineer

    Major:Metallurgical physicochemistry Consult
  • Wu Xi Kun

    Wu Xi Kun

    Title:Senior Engineer

    Major:Material science and Engineering Consult
  • Wei Hua Guang

    Wei Hua Guang

    Title:Senior Engineer

    Major:Metal pressure machining Consult
  • Xiang Sheng Qian

    Xiang Sheng Qian

    Title:Senior Engineer

    Major:Chemistry Consult
  • Pan Jian Yi

    Pan Jian Yi

    Title:Associate professor

    Major:Mechanical manufacture and automation Consult
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